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Click this link to read the letter of Memorandum from the Office of the Governor. The letter outlines what appraisal activities are permitted as it applies to pending transactions for residential appraisals.

Our recommendation is to stay safe and follow the guidance of any law enforcement personnel you encounter. They are just trying to do their job same as us.

As always, Appraisers are under no obligation to conduct any activities where they feel that their safety or the safety of others may be threatened. Also be sure to keep your clients informed as to how this is affecting your daily workflow.

Follow the links below to get more information on how to protect yourself and your family.

The Appraisers’ Coalition of Washington (ACOW) is a Washington non-profit corporation organized by the Washington chapters of the appraisal organizations that are members of the Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council.
The purposes of ACOW are as follows:
      • To educate and communicate with members of the appraisal profession or with any persons concerned with valuation of real or personal property in Washington about legislative and regulatory issues.
      • To support the maintenance and improvement of The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and its effective enforcement by the State of Washington.
      • To foster and promote the appraisal profession to the general public through education, research, and publications.
      • To raise the funds necessary to administer its activities and to carry out its purposes and objectives.


PhoneACOW Monthly Board Meeting

All are welcome to attend.

Meetings are held via Free Conference call on the second Tuesday of each month.

Please Plan to Begin Promptly!

Free Conference Call:
(605) 313-5106, Entry Code is: 872158#


During this trying time the Appraisers’ Coalition of Washington want everyone to stay healthy, be informed, and make good decisions to protect yourselves, your family, and your business. Here are some helpful links for more information:

Centers for Disease Control

The basics. 

How to protect yourself. 

If you think you are sick. 

WA State Coronavirus Response

Click Here. 

From the White House

30 Days To Slow The Spread.

1600 Daily.  

Seattle Chapter of the Appraisal Institute

Covid-19 Page. 

Appraisal Watchdog

Need to take action now. Helpful links to programs designed to help appraisers and consumers.

Take Action

Washington State Legislature

One of our jobs at ACOW is to keep track of pending legislation that affects the Real Estate Appraisers of Washington State. To learn more about what is happening in Olympia today.

WA Legislature

Regulatory Agencies

The Appraisal Foundation provides regulation, standards and qualifications for real estate professionals. To learn more about The Appraisal Foundation click the button.

Learn More

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