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The Appraisers Coalition of Washington (ACOW) works hard to ensure appraisers across the state continue to thrive in their chosen profession. There is a lot of action that goes on behind the scenes, which produce results that many of our members do not see. In order that appraisers and others visiting our site might see what’s going on behind the scenes, this page has been added. On this page you will find letters endorsed by ACOW, publications from others in the appraisal profession, and finally, publications from those parties outside the profession with interests in our profession.

Letters Endorsed By ACOW:

AI Senate Bill S2155 Letter

Tristar Appraisal Waiver Letter-12-71

Fannie Freddie Appraisal Waiver–Senate

Fannie Freddie Appraisal Waiver–House

Nov 2015 NSAO Ltr to MBA

CFPB TRID comment letter

Pete Gallo Letter to FHFA – Ref CU

Comment Letter To ASC RE TriStar Waiver FINAL

Letters From Profession Partners:

NAR letter on GSE PIWs

Comment Letter To ASC RE TriStar Waiver FINAL